About Us


Kudos Ling Chuo & Lim (Chartered Accountant)(Formerly known as Ling Ming Leh & Company (Chartered Accountant) is a member firm of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and an approved Company Auditors under the Companies Act, 1965 as well as a tax agent under the Income Act 1967 and Goods and Service Tax (GST) Act 2014. The Company was registered on 26th November 1992 under the name of Ling Ming Leh & Co. It commenced business in January 1993 with Firm Number AF 0881.


Moving forward the firm will put in even greater effort in staff training to cope with the various changes in the profession. These include the changes in auditing standard, accounting standard, and Sales and Service Tax. We inspire to be good business partners through quality professional service delivery.

We are members of Kudos International Network Limited. Kudos International Network Limited is a worldwide network of independent accounting firms which provide professional services to clients. Kudos International Network Limited provides no services to the clients of its members. Members of Kudos International Network Limited are separate legal organisations and are only associated with each other by being members of Kudos International Network Limited. Some of the members of Kudos International Network Limited use Kudos as part of their business name. Nothing in the arrangements or rules of Kudos International Network Limited creates or implies an agency relationship or a partnership between Kudos International Network Limited and the member firms of Kudos International Network Limited. Any claim arising from work by a Kudos International Network Limited member you have hired can only be made against that member. Claims cannot be made against Kudos International Network Limited, or personally against any other person or organisation involved in working for you.